Global mobility of highly skilled individuals with a high net worth is on the rise. A growing number of individuals are looking at investment migration in order to broaden their horizons and expand their business interests. Malta has embraced this opportunity and ventured into this market driven by the prospect that it can enrich its human capital and attract market leaders who can provide added value by sharing their business acumen.

In light of this, in 2014, the Government issued a tender for the design and implementation of a Maltese citizenship by investment programme, which was won by Henley & Partners. Malta’s Individual Investor Programme (IIP) offers applicants the opportunity to gain Maltese, and therefore, European citizenship.

Albeit being a fairly nascent entrant to the citizenship by investment sector, in just over 6 years Malta has nurtured what is considered to be one of the leading investment migration programmes globally.

Malta Individual Investor Programme Agency

Since May 2018, the IIP is being administered by an independent government entity specifically focused on the operations of Malta’s citizenship by investment programme. The Malta Individual Investor Programme Agency (MIIPA) is responsible for the processing of applications, the carrying out of an in-depth due diligence process and putting forward recommendations to the Government regarding the granting of citizenship or otherwise.

Malta conducts what has been termed as the ‘gold-standard’ of due diligence processes in the industry. The MIIPA goes to a serious level of detail on each application, knowing that the success of the programme rests on its robustness and high regulatory standard.

Mission & Goals

Our mission is to give talented individuals the chance to build a better and safer life for their families and be part of a welcoming community, which they can choose to call home. We seek to position Malta top of mind with high net-worth individuals who are seeking more freedom to travel.

Our goal is put Malta squarely on the map and create a melting pot of business know-how, experiences, skills and funding that are positively contributing to our society by stimulating business, increasing job creation, increasing revenue and augmenting our human capital. This will enable Malta to break new ground through innovative foreign direct investment.

We aim to keep advocating transparency and good governance in the way we administer the programme. Maintaining the integrity of the economic citizenship programme is our top priority.

Management Team

Jonathan Cardona

Jonathan Cardona

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Because of the Individual Investor Programme, today, our country can only claim to be stronger, more diverse and more open to the world.

Monica Farrugia

Monica Farrugia

Chief Officer

Operations & Finance

We strive to improve our systems and service levels to ensure that we maintain a reliable programme that gives the required peace of mind to all stakeholders.

Board Members


– Ms Frances Mifsud


– Mr Ruben Schembri


– Ms Sarah Agius
– Ms Nadette Azzopardi
– Dr Ian Castaldi Paris
– Architect Godfrey Vella Bonello

Malta Individual Investor
Programme Agency (MIIPA)

Mediterranean Conference Centre
Old Hospital Street
Valletta, Malta VLT 1645

Phone: +356 21 225 232

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